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Black garlic from noon is made from organic white garlic from the tarn cooked at low temperature and with a constant degree of humidity for 15 to 20 days and ripened in the open air for at least 1 month.

A particular, indescribable taste

  the Japanese speak of  umami  “, the fifth flavor, to designate this food.  some even find a  ounce of caramel smelling of black garlic. flavors may vary  : balsamic, prune, licorice, or coffee-chocolate, are all impressions that one can have when tasting this amazing product.

Use: It will sublimate your vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades and

Will enhance your omelettes, risotto, purees etc....

A product that is simply good for your health


- protection of the arteries 

-increased immunity

-reduction of hypertension

- protects the intestinal flora 

- improves blood circulation 

Our black garlic is 100% organic, 100% French 

Without additives, without dyes, without  conservatives

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noon black garlic

installed since 2018 in a small village in the aude, we transform organic white garlic from the tarn into organic black garlic.

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17 georges guille housing estate


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